Natali Corpe and Theadora Sutherland 
My Knees Stay Locked 

Opening Reception Friday 26 July 2019, 6–9pm 
Saturday and Sunday 12–6pm 

my knees stay locked.jpg

The sea is pretty, the sea serves as a place to drown. How many seconds of loss can dismiss the water’s totality of grace? Can pain even exist in a place so pretty? The water is a thief it cleansed me all away, faceless, 0 pores. The water is a thief, it takes things from me. 

Does a graceful robbery count as a catastrophe at all? Does a beautiful robbery count as a bad thing? The thief was pretty, the thief gave me things, the thief took me but gave me a replacement! Missing pieces refilled by distraction, does something lost in the ocean count as something stolen? 

Showing Natali Corpe’s accessory and styling designs with Theadoras Sutherland’s video and sculptures, 17 Essex stages a set of loss and regaining. Working with hanging possessions and silhouettes, mirrored with projected video, the space attempts to ask: is the current state symbolizing a phantom or a body in metamorphosis. 

Theadora Sutherland is a cross media artist based in London, currently attending Goldsmiths University. 

Natali Corpe lives in New York and designs accessories called polipax that are functional adornments/talisman. 


For more information please contact or call +1(305) 505-3830 
Gallery hours are Thurs. – Sun. 12–6PM and by appointment 17ESSEX, 17 Essex St. New York, NY 10002