B A D  K O R E A N


Saturday, October 8th, 4-7pm


Please join us for the book signing of Kyung Me's Bad Korean at MILLER.

Bad Korean is a series of drawings about a naΓ―ve young woman looking for love in New York. She discovers certain forms of love, but also a toiling agony and an inescapable boredom. The series follows a linear narrative thread, existing as the artist’s pictorial diary from 2013 to 2014.

The series title Bad Korean carries multiple meanings; standing for the artist’s exploration of herself, as well as her personal feelings of disappointment, being a second generation American raised within a family of Korean immigrants. Through drawing, Kyung Me expresses her dismay, and feelings of lovelessness experienced in her daily life in the city. The name of the series also refers to the titles of each drawing, which Kyung Me purposefully and awkwardly translates on Google, not knowing the language of her ancestors.


Kyung Me (b. 1991) is currently enrolled in MFA Painting at Yale University. The Bad Korean series was published into a book earlier this year. Her work can be found at www.sunflowercat.com