Kristen Jensen

Lighter, Later

June 4th โ€“ July 30th, 2017

Opening Reception Sunday June 4th, 6-9pm


 โ€œIf light is scarce then light is scarce; we will immerse ourselves in the darkness and there discover its own particular beauty.โ€  โ€• Jun'ichirล  Tanizaki, โ€œIn Praise of Shadowsโ€

Been keeping my hands busy, occupied: it helps to dull my thoughts. Iโ€™ve never owned a rug, rather preferring to feel the uneven floorboards beneath my calloused feet.

I usually fall asleep in the clothing Iโ€™ve worn all day then change in the morning. Itโ€™s not because Iโ€™m too fatigued but because I feel more comfortable shrouded than naked. I prefer a well worn pillow with a freshly laundered case.

"Lighter, Later", a black hole, hand braided rug with embedded ceramic objects. These nuggets bound by material from used clothing, a collection of disparate use and histories. A personal meditation on compromised comfort, both physical and mental. Viewers are invited to walk on it, resulting in this transference of experience both emotional and physical.

Observing this activity from the window vantage point is another sculpture: a ceramic vessel with questionable functionality barely supported by a soft totem. Both spectator and participant in this production, it struggles to remain upright.


Kristen Jensen is an artist living and working in New York City. She received her BFA in printmaking from Syracuse University and her MFA from Hunter College in Combined Media. Jensen's practice is interdisciplinary, often taking quotidian experiences and domestic objects and reinterpreting them in diverse mediums. The artistโ€™s desire for control and perfection is often challenged by both the unpredictability of the materials she chooses and the traces of the artistโ€™s hand. This tension is reflected in the flaws, cracks, and subtle finishes that transform everyday objects into things both pathetic and poetic. She has exhibited domestically and internationally at Simone Subal, Wallspace, Nicelle Beauchene, Norte Maar and Bortolami Gallery among others.


Image detail: "Lighter, Later" - approximately 80" x 80", 2015-2017, wool and wool blend fabric from clothing, cotton, and stoneware