from six new chapbooks of Naess's ongoing Weaver's Discourse

Sunday, 16 December 2018, 4–6PM 
17 Essex Street, New York, 10002 


"I woke up too early, by myself in a bed that wasn’t mine, and couldn’t fall back to sleep. I tried listening to an episode of “In Our Time” about parasites to fall asleep but it didn’t work. In fact it was quite disturbing. It said there are hundreds of thousands of parasites feeding on just the lower half of your leg at any given time. An early morning bird started chirping its very repetitive, impossibly obnoxious phrase – incessantly. Suddenly I had the brilliant idea to look up “birdsong” on youtube and found an 11 hour video which the horrifically solo bird outside blended into perfectly. I felt it was my most ingenious use of the internet to date, in terms of improving a real world situation.  I woke up eventually, having pleasantly slept through a harmonious blend of real and artificial bird song."  –Excerpt from book #5

The Tapestry of the Apocalypse partitions 17Essex into a series of curtained chambers. The exhibition features two handwoven tapestries, 8 panels of painted silk, a selection of works on paper, and an animated neon sign of a running rabbit which faces the street. 


Image: Sophy Naess, 24/7 (Running Rabbit), neon animation, 2018. Courtesy artist & 17Essex